Aquatic Consulting & Training

Helping You Keep Your Aquatic Facility Safe

Minnesota Safety Services offers several options for conducting program and facility audits, which will help you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your aquatic program.  Our passive audits observe only, and do not interact with your staff; during one of our active audits, we will work directly with your staff.  All audits performed by John Raby, MSS President.

On-Site Passive Walk Through:
We will walk through your facility and talk with you about the strengths and weaknesses of your program and staff. MSS will leave nothing in writing to leave a paper trail; we will however take the time to discuss the walk through with you.

On-Site Passive Walk Through with Written Report:
We will walk through your facility with you and evaluate your program for safety and industry standards.  We will also observe your operations and discuss our findings with you. An objective unbiased written report will be completed for your use.

  • Staff Observations include watching lifeguards' attentiveness, policy enforcement, customer service, lifeguard etiquette
  • Facility Observations include safety equipment, guard placement, signage, facility safety issues

On-Site Active Program Audit:
During an active program audit, we put staff into your facility unannounced to test the performance of your lifeguards.  Working with you we can test your staff in a variety of emergency situations from CPR to water rescues. Each audit will be followed up by a written report that evaluates the strength and weakness of your staff’s response.  The report will also include training suggestions based on the audit results.

Aquatic Program Review
In addition to audits, we also enjoying helping organizations like yours make efficient use of existing resources, allowing you to maximize your programming while reducing costs. We can review your existing program, facility, staff and policies, and offer suggestions for class programming and staff scheduling to make your organization stand out!


WSI, Lifeguard Training, CPR & First Aid training for your Aquatic Staff

Do you have:

  • Current staff who need a Lifeguard Training Review class?
  • New guards who need Waterfront or Waterpark modules?
  • Current staff who'd like a WSI course but can't find one that works with their schedules?
  • Swim team coaches needing a Safety Training for Swim Coaches update?
  • A need for CPR training or refresher training for your staff throughout the year?

MSS can provide Red Cross training for your staff, on a schedule you determine.  Because the students are all your staff, we can customize the training to your facility, emergency action plans, and situations you typically encounter.

Contact John at 952-470-4156 or email with any questions, to receive a price quote, and to setup a training for your staff.